Day of surgery anxiety

The morning began like any other. The alarm went off at 6:00 am. The Dual Gs (gimpy and grumpy) rose, dressed and headed for the Page Mill YMCA. The female DG did her usual 45-minute drill on the elliptical machine. The male DG managed to contort his back on some darn machine so severely, he could no longer move his neck from side to side (in addition to having only partial use of his left arm and leg).  Just what they needed on the day of her Achilles tendon surgery.

The female DG  never used to be anxious about medical stuff or being around medical staff. But that was clearly before the idea of immortality vanished. Was that sometime in her late 40s, mid-50s, when the male DG was diagnosed with glioma? She’s unsure.

But anxious she was when she arrived at 9:30 am at Waverly Surgery Center for what the staff kept referring to in an oh-so-chipper manner as her “procedure.” Don’t know if that word was supposed to make her feel better about the fact that some surgeon was about to open up her ankle and whack away at her tendon – or if it’s just more convenient. Everyone else in the pre-op waiting area during her less-than-an hour wait was indeed having a procedure – colonoscopies to be exact.

She noted that there seemed to be an inordinate number of nursing staff and at least one too many lectures going on. A nurse was telling another victim – oh, patient – that Obama was “going where he had no business going because he didn’t have a clue” in reference to the current health care reform legislation.

She was soon joined by Dr. David Berger – at least she’s 90% sure that was the man behind the mask. The usual pre-op pratter took place (pleas from the female DG to do whatever possible to prevent post-surgical nausea and wooziness). By the end of the visit, an IV line was open.

Then a visit from the cutter himself, Dr. Lawrence Oloff, the go-to-guy in the area when it comes to sports podiatry. The purpose of the visit – to determine if he was going to open her up while prone (she thinks lying face down) or laterally. The verdict – the latter.

Then almost 20 minutes earlier than scheduled she was wheeled into the operating room. She’s always curious about these compact spaces – so much smaller than they look on TV. But this morning she had no time to scan the scene – she was out. Then next thing she knew she was waking up and thinking, “Why don’t I hurt?” But she didn’t – and she wouldn’t – at least not that much for the rest of the day.


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