Two days down – and 28 to go

Just as the female dual G (gimpy and grumpy) was settling into the idea that the pain she feared post-surgery was not going to happen, another reality sunk in – how was she possibly going to endure this restricted mobility for another month – the anticipated time she needed to be non-weight bearing (NWB) on her left ankle.

When some people hear NWB it doesn’t immediately sink in – they think in terms of not being able to pick something up or carry something around. But NWB cuts a wider swath of restricted activity. You can’t put any weight on the  limb – no standing (not even for a second) and no walking. Add to that fact that you need to use crutches or a walker to get around – and that it takes two hands/arms to operate both – and you’re pretty much helpless and stuck.

The female DG is embarrassed to admit she just can’t get the hang of crutches. She marvels as she sees people glide with what appears to be little effort across a room or along a sidewalk. But the moment she tries to advance forward, she fears falling over. It’s a lack of stability that she just can’t tolerate.

So she’s doing her limited hobbling around the house (when untethered to the cold therapy machine) with the aid of a walker. And boys does it suck. Her arms and hands ache; her back twinges. Each step requires considerable effort. It takes forever to get 25 feet. And she’s [a formerly] fit and healthy person.

Meanwhile, the fact that she’s near helpless – and the ongoing care necessitated by the cold therapy machine – is turning up the male DG’s grump meter. He’s not used to being on call but rather he’s used to having some things just done – things that the female DG did to offset his gimpiness. But now she’s gimpier. This was a “competition” that would have preferred to avoid.


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