It’s check up time with the surgeon


With the blue tubing of the Polar Care 500 hanging barely in place and the surgical bandages starting to unravel, it was clear that the post-op visit with Dr. Oloff was coming none too soon. But when you’re a two gimp household, the prospect of getting dressed, into the car, out of the car, to doctor’s office and the reverse is a bit daunting. (We promise to forever spare readers the details off the sponge bath procedures currently in effect .)

It was also to be the most activity the female dual G (gimpy and grumpy) has had since Friday. She’s feeling good – clear headed and pain free as far as her Achilles tendon is concerned. She’d feel almost normal if it wasn’t for the reminder of the dreaded walker at her side and how much it hurts her hands and arms moving from one place to another.

Having reached the SOAR office, they were quickly ushered into, for lack of better words, the fitting room where there was three (or four) examining tables separated by curtains and every kind of orthopedic device you could imagine. A certified orthopedic technician by the name of Joe removed the bandages. And there, surprisingly, was something approximating her  pre-injury foot/heel. There was no discoloration to signal the sniping that had gone on and  minimal swelling.  The male DG could see the four-inch long incision knitted together with sutures. Soon Oloff appeared to pronounce “looking good,” to encourage the daily injections that ward off blood clots (giving yourself a shot isn’t all that bad) and to give the go-ahead on the application of a cast. She’d never considered that getting a cast would be good news.

Nor had she known that today’s fiberglass casts come in a multitude of colors. She couldn’t resist day-glow pink. Mission accomplished – next visit in a week


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