Glory hallelujah, the knee walker arrives

The male dual G (gimpy and grumpy) had just emerged from his nap when the UPS truck arrived with the knee walker (her selected model shown here).  The female DG was elated – help was here if what she had heard about this scooter-like device was true. Male grumpiness followed almost immediately: “You didn’t tell this thing needed assembly.” She thought: “Yea, agreed, it’s not exactly how storks deliver babies, all cleaned up, diapered, and ready to go. But it’s not in a million pieces either.”

Thankfully the angels continue to descend, this time in the persona of Maggie Pringle who was delivering one of Trinity’s Manna Ministry dinners. Mother of three fairly close-in-age and now grown children, she displayed her Christmas Eve mechanical skills immediately, helping the male D G figure out what goes where and screwing various things in when two hands were needed. A former physical therapist, she helped the female DG onto the machine for test run. And away she went!

The intricacies of steering properly are still being learned as well as the necessity of keeping her right leg away from the turning wheels. (One gouge on the back of her calf will remind her.) And it will be a challenge to figure out how to get it and herself in and out of a car without help. But all in all she’s moving – and can even imagine a ‘knee walk’ around the block.


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