How quickly a world shrinks

When the female dual G (gimpy and grumpy) wasn’t catching up on agency work or admiring her day-glo pink cast, she was looking longingly out the window. Sure, she was wistfully wishing that she could be out and about – to be normal and whole. Even yesterday’s car ride for the post-op visit was a bit of a thrill.

But the real reason for her outward looking  focus today was waiting for the UPS truck to arrive with its promised delivery of drugs (yes, legally prescribed RX – the dual Gs just switched to mail order) and the much-anticipated knee walker.

Because the male DG was out a good bit today, some of the looking outward was practical. Even with a sign posted on the front door that this household was “mobility impaired” and slow to get to the front door, she lived in a state of anxiety that she wouldn’t make it there in time – and the much needed supplies, both of which needed signatures for delivery, would not arrive as promised. And if that’s not pitiful (hmmm, that word brings back long ago memories!), she doesn’t know what is.


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