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Kindle our hearts, and awaken hope

It’s hard enough to be faithful to God in the 21st century, let alone proclaim one’s faith to the wider secular society. The latter seems to come easier to those more evangelical in mission and conservative in theology than those who find themselves in the “progressive” Judeo-Christian bucket. So it is with the Dual G’s. Most of their friends know they go to church but few are aware of their nightly devotional ritual. Since 2003 they’ve read about a saint’s life thanks to the saint-for-every-day-of-the-year and delightful story telling of Robert Ellsberg in his book, All Saints. Some of the stories have become very familiar after repeated readings; some seem brand new. When the male DG was diagnosed with glioma in 2006, they added the prayers for “In the Early Evening” (for individuals and families) from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP),  the latest version of a historical book adopted by the Episcopal Church in 1979. Last night the male DG noticed how tattered and stained page 139 had become. The solution: download the BCP to his Kindle, a lighter, take anywhere alternative. So tonight a phrase from the closing prayer took added meaning: “…be our companion on the way, kindle our hearts, and awaken hope….”


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Busy Sunday morning, quieter Sunday afternoon

Chris at farmer's marketThe “grump factor” remains low for the Dual Gs today. They gimped their way to early church, then farmer’s market (unbelievable tomatoes in every variety imaginable), followed by a few stops for future InMenlo blog posts. (The grump factor will stay low as long as the Giants hold on to their lead over Colorado.) The female DG is pleased to be walking again.

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He bakes, she walks, together they dine

walkingIt’s been hot in the Bay Area and the female DG rose (later than usual) this Saturday morning, as John Madden says, “off her access.” The Dual Gs (gimpy and grumpy) have been doing some kind of Saturday morning outing in the weeks following the female DG’s Achilles tendon surgery. But this morning, Senator Kennedy’s memorial service beckoned. And the male DG seemed called to do a new egg recipe – maybe after recalling his famous eggs in yesterday’s blog post.

Then it was almost noon. The male DG was baking communion bread for tomorrow’s Eucharist at Trinity (faithfully following Beth Foote’s recipe) while the female DG realized she was walking around the house without crutches. Only yesterday, as she hobbled on crutches to an afternoon tea, she couldn’t imagine how she was going to do what Dr. Oloff had instructed: “Time to shed the crutches.” But that she did today, and after 12 hours moving about on her own (still gimpy) power, her tendon was only slightly barking.

The DGs were both “good enough to go” to limp their way to dinner – on a still hot night – at Joya in Palo Alto. Note to foodies: the male DG pronounced the red and yellow heirloom tomato gazpacho “they best I’ve ever tasated.”

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Hobbling to an old-fashioned tea party

tea party

The male DG blogged yesterday about an ode to an optic (although some of us think it should have been an ode to Lily). So, the female DG today notes an ode to the dying art of real afternoon tea. On one of the hottest days in the Bay Area in years (over 100 on the Peninsula), the women of Trinity gathered at the home of the Rev. Frannie Hall Kieschnick to welcome their new rector’s wife, Kate Dutton-Gillett for a traditional afternoon tea. What’s that mean? Real tea sandwiches, real scones, real tea in a multitude of fanciful tea pots – and hats dusted off from the back of closets.  Given the heat, many attendees opted for water or lemonade.

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Green is for go – time to start walking

on with the green castThe female DG wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when she went for her appointment with foot surgeon Dr. Oloff and master caster Joe Bulcao today at SOAR, five weeks post surgery on her left Achilles tendon,  She was fairly certain she’d leave with her left leg still in a cast from below the knee to foot. She was right about that – and opted for day-glo green.

But she was also cleared to start walking – not all at once but to slowly but surely become less reliant on the crutches. Great news  but a little bit scary, even though her hands hurt and her shoulders ache from the stupid crutches. But she can’t really imagine putting full weight on her left foot even for a few steps. She takes encouragement, though, that she’s been doing just that, going up and down the few steps leading in and out of the DG’s garage  the last couple of days.

So, she’ll just keep faith that Oloff is following a prescription that’s worked countless times before and that Joe has given her, as he termed it the “Cadillac of casts,” to make it (that being walking) happen.

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On Senator Kennedy’s death

Even when you’re somewhat prepared for the news, it can be jarring. The Dual Gs rose earlier than usual this morning, turned on the TV and the somber broadcasters dressed in black and shot of Hyannis Port compound said it all, Senator Kennedy had died.

Brain cancer is a relatively rare form of cancer in the United States; the annual incidence is 15-20 cases per 100,000. Because of that most of us don’t personally know anyone with the disease. So when someone famous gets diagnosed – and flies in your team of doctors for a consult early on – it’s hard not to feel a kinship, that you’re some how on this journey together, that you know what the person and his family is going through. That others “get” this was apparent by the number of emails already received this morning, expressing:  “hope Chris isn’t taking Kennedy’s death too hard.”

The female DJ isn’t sure how the Senator’s death will affect the male DJ. She heard only a sigh from him as they watched the TV in silence, viewing highlights of Kennedy’s life (their lifetime) flash across the screen (although he later comment on his blog). For herself, she’s going with mass sentiment: “In lieu of flowers, pass health care reform.”


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Rosetta: Personal toe washer

Rosetta toe wash

Rosetta, an nine month old half Dachshund, half Chihuahua – or so the story goes – has made frequent appearances at the female DG’s office since coming to live with colleague Amy and her family. She was  slightly wary about the scooter and similarly surprised today to see the female DG arrive on crutches. But she’s a smart little dog and quickly figured out it was someone she knew – and then she went about the business of thoroughly cleaning the female DG’s toes.

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