Getting a bit of (oh-my-god!) exercise

church_exit1The dual Gs (gimpy and grumpy) do strive for a semblance of a normal life. Normal not by their old standard of a 6 to 10 mile run on Saturday morning. Or normal even by their most recent history of an outing where the male DG walked while the female DG jogged. Normal in their current status is – drum roll – a morning outing to downtown Menlo Park where they spent 90 minutes or so gathering content for InMenlo.
As they were winding up their stops on Santa Cruz Avenue, the female DG suggested they stop at the Russian Orthodox Church (link) on Crane St. – one of the hidden gems of Menlo. But this is where it got a bit interesting – the female DG decided to scoot there. She’s still learning how best to “drive” her knee-walker scooter, and there were a few challenges going down the slopes leading to cross walks – and step upgrades like the ramp in the the church which had no rail seemed too risky (it was easier to life the scooter up the two steps into the church.

On the way home, a thought occurred to her: She actually had a bit of exercise.


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