“Looking good” 11 days post surgery

old cast off

Dr Lawrence OloffThe Dual Gs (gimpy and grumpy) headed back to the SOAR offices today for the second post op visit with sports podiatrist Dr. Lawrence Oloff (the guy in the tie). With the surgical site exposed after the pink cast got sawed off (the word “removed” is much too timid and far from the truth), he pronounced “looking good” and gave the go-ahead for the sutures to be removed (clipped not sawed). More encouraging, he said to come back in nine days and he’d consider putting the female DG into a cast that would allow limited weight bearing. Meanwhile a new cast was put in place; she opted for pink with a swirl of purple, just to liven things up a bit. Anyone curious to see an account of the whole process, can do so here, thanks to on the spot photography by the male DG. Warning: there’s one shot of the incision (although it’s reallly not that awful).


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