Scooting into the office

officeStating the somewhat obvious when you’re a gimp, it’s not doing the work, it’s getting to work – meaning the office. The female DG took another step on the normalcy spectrum by getting herself and scooter to the office for the first time since her Achilles tendon surgery. (Thanks to neighbor Kay who helped her into the car in the male DG’s absence!). It really was good to see everyone, and she felt warmly welcomed back. Thoughtful colleagues offered help and post lunch chocolates were delivered. But boy is she tuckered – much more than she thought likely. It was also her first time driving a car.

Meanwhile, the male DG was up at UCSF’s Milberry gym for a session with physical therapist extraordinaire Heidi Engel, who was extolling the Gospel According to Heidi. Today’s commandments: “Thou cannot be a train wreck” and “Thou shalt buck up and get at it” – “it” being her regimen of exercises.


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  1. Hi Linda! Congrats on being out and about again. You’re doing great. Keep on keepin’ on. Everyday will get better.

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