New victory – taking a shower

When you’re a gimp balancing on one foot with the further restriction that under no circumstances should water come in contact with your cast, bathing/showering becomes a big deal.  The female DG had known enough to purchase a shower chair before her surgery (almost two weeks ago!)  and had used it for the first time on Tuesday evening (previously relying on the help of the male DG  – no one needs or wants details about that process).

She’d assumed that the large glass shower would be the best place for her to bathe but it requires stepping over a six-inch lip to get into without anything to hold onto. She made it work with the male DG’s assistance but the fact that she would always need him right there to get in and out was annoying.

This morning she discovered that it was really easier to shower in the tub/shower combo, which she’d previosly ruled out due to its high sides. But along with the fact it has two hand rails, the high side made it easier to get into, not harder. And she could do so all on her own. After putting her cast in a garbage bag as she’d one on Tuesday, she put the bad left leg on the side of the tub, swung her good leg over and slid onto the chair, which faced away from the shower head. Other trick: she turned the sink water on until warm; the same hot water heater controls both, so the shower was a good temperature from the moment she turned it on.

Why all this detailed description? It’s to point out to others who are trying to stay clean while gimpy, that they should think through every possible solution. The first one may not be the right one.


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