Being out and about is a good idea

saturday outing_ladera

As recounted over on, the Dual G’s spent a pleasant Saturday morning walking/scooting along the Alpine Bike Path. The female DG thinks she may have scooted a bit further than yesterday; she knows it was trickier. Heading west, the bike path (which is thankfully used more by walkers and joggers than cyclists, who perfer to ride along  Alpine itself) goes slightly uphill, a fact that prompted her to scoot harder. (This uphill slant was, by the way, something she hardly noticed the many times she’s jogged the path.) The cracks on the pavement made it even dicier going coming back downhill. She had to be sure not to get moving too quickly or her scooter’s front wheels would catch and start to tip over. All this is meant to just “report the facts,” not complain. She’s darn happy that she’s not stuck on a couch and happy to be outside. Photo note: Former neighbor Mary Lemon, who they ran into at Mike’s Cafe, was good enough to take their picture – they don’t often get photographed together.


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