Folksinger Suzanne tells her story

suzanneholland_081609The Dual G’s (gimpy and grumpy) headed as usual to the farmer’s market in Menlo this morning and encountered street musician Suzanne Holland, who is blind. She’d set up a series of posters around her music stool that told her story. Think of this as inspiration for a Sunday, courtesy of Suzanne:

“…it’s the sighted people who are the fearful ones. That’s sad because fear can get in the way of way of expressing yourself. Life should be an adventure – if I feel like going on an excursion, please don’t anybody remind me that I might fall.

“I had words like ‘trip,’ or ‘fall’ or ‘handicapped.’ People look at me and think, ‘Oh isn’t she nice. I wonder who dresses her?’ They’ll do anything for you to have power over you. And they’ll get mad when you say, ‘No thanks, I don’t need any help.’

“I know I sound arrogant, I realize people want to do an act of kindness; sometimes I let them help me for their own sake. But blind people should show how much they’re capable of doing for themselves…”


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