Four weeks post Achilles tendon surgery

cast#3_082109Prior to her surgery to repair her partially torn and severely deteriorated left Achilles tendon, the female DG did a lot of research on the internet, although most of the first person accounts she found were from people who had ruptured their tendon completely. She recently went back to one site that featured a lot of post surgery reports and was struck at how differently various doctors approached the post surgical recovery – especially as it pertains to non-weight bearing activities and boot versus cast.

The female DG is in her third hard cast, from just below the knee to foot (with opening for toes). This latest version is at 90 degree angle and is fitted with a bootie that has a rolling tread. Beginning yesterday, she started 50% weight bearing  at the instruction of her surgeon Dr. Lawrence Oloff, which seems to put her in the “aggressive” recovery approach post surgery. On the other hand, the fact that she’ll be in a cast for another three weeks (apparently) seems to be on the conservative side.

What she knows is that she’s a lot better off than even one week ago, at least mobility wise:

– She can stand on two feet – and boy is that handy for all sorts of activities.

-She can walk (rolling heel to toe) with aid of crutches – renewed independence as she doesn’t have to rely on the male DG and colleagues to get her scooter in and out of the car.

-She remains relatively pain free – just little twinges here and there.

Showering is still a big hassle due to keeping the cast dry but she has the routine down. And she will for the rest of her life remember how heavy most swinging office doors are when your trying to open them with one arm while balancing on crutches.

She won’t know what’s next in the recovery manual until she visits Oloff and master cast maker Joe next Thursday. Until then, it’s quite literally one step at a time.


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