It’s Saturday, pretend everything is normal

shooting tour de MenloA routine is forming on Saturdays and the theme is constant. Pretend we’re not gimpy, try to live a normal life. The Dual G’s took a good stab at this morning, getting right up and heading out to cover the start of the Tour de Menlo cycling event for InMenlo. While they were out, they did an additional flurry of photography (the male DG shooting, the female DG driving and thinking up story ideas) – enough content for quite a few posts. All topped off with breakfast at Cafe Borrone. One problem: they were done with “all things normal” by 10:00 am and had the whole long day ahead to pretend “everything is ok.”


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  1. Good Morning. I just left a post at Chris’s blog too. Things are not “normal” so no need to pretend they are. Look for things to do and to share together that are cool for the two G’s as they are right now. Soon the two G’s will have passed through this period in their lives and moved on back to doing things they used to do when times were “normal”.

    I also suggest finding a group teaching Qigong. It can be done standing (or sitting for now). It helps you to channel your body energy the way you want it to be. I can’t explain it well, but it definitely helps. I took Ye Ren QiGong (chi-gung) while living on Whidbey. It was amazing.

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