On Senator Kennedy’s death

Even when you’re somewhat prepared for the news, it can be jarring. The Dual Gs rose earlier than usual this morning, turned on the TV and the somber broadcasters dressed in black and shot of Hyannis Port compound said it all, Senator Kennedy had died.

Brain cancer is a relatively rare form of cancer in the United States; the annual incidence is 15-20 cases per 100,000. Because of that most of us don’t personally know anyone with the disease. So when someone famous gets diagnosed – and flies in your team of doctors for a consult early on – it’s hard not to feel a kinship, that you’re some how on this journey together, that you know what the person and his family is going through. That others “get” this was apparent by the number of emails already received this morning, expressing:  “hope Chris isn’t taking Kennedy’s death too hard.”

The female DJ isn’t sure how the Senator’s death will affect the male DJ. She heard only a sigh from him as they watched the TV in silence, viewing highlights of Kennedy’s life (their lifetime) flash across the screen (although he later comment on his blog). For herself, she’s going with mass sentiment: “In lieu of flowers, pass health care reform.”



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2 responses to “On Senator Kennedy’s death

  1. Ginger Terry

    Hi Linda,
    I too, was so saddened by Ted Kennedy’s death, as his life was part of my youth. I also thought of Chris, and read his comment. I’m so glad he realizes that his glioma is less aggressive, and am thankful for that small concession.

    We are getting ready for a road trip to southern CA to see my parents in Thousand Oaks, Stan’s mom in Wasco, and finally to SD to see Drew and Adri. As you know, Stan has lots of time on his hands, so …. I’m sure we will be glad we did this.

    Best wishes for your tendon. My mom had this operation (just before Drew’s wedding, and was walking with her walking cast about a month later). It was severed, and she was 86! So there is some inspiration for you! Sending healing thoughts to you both, love, Ginger
    love, Ginger

  2. Sending you both lots of love and understanding… understanding as much as we are able.

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