Green is for go – time to start walking

on with the green castThe female DG wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when she went for her appointment with foot surgeon Dr. Oloff and master caster Joe Bulcao today at SOAR, five weeks post surgery on her left Achilles tendon,  She was fairly certain she’d leave with her left leg still in a cast from below the knee to foot. She was right about that – and opted for day-glo green.

But she was also cleared to start walking – not all at once but to slowly but surely become less reliant on the crutches. Great news  but a little bit scary, even though her hands hurt and her shoulders ache from the stupid crutches. But she can’t really imagine putting full weight on her left foot even for a few steps. She takes encouragement, though, that she’s been doing just that, going up and down the few steps leading in and out of the DG’s garage  the last couple of days.

So, she’ll just keep faith that Oloff is following a prescription that’s worked countless times before and that Joe has given her, as he termed it the “Cadillac of casts,” to make it (that being walking) happen.


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