He bakes, she walks, together they dine

walkingIt’s been hot in the Bay Area and the female DG rose (later than usual) this Saturday morning, as John Madden says, “off her access.” The Dual Gs (gimpy and grumpy) have been doing some kind of Saturday morning outing in the weeks following the female DG’s Achilles tendon surgery. But this morning, Senator Kennedy’s memorial service beckoned. And the male DG seemed called to do a new egg recipe – maybe after recalling his famous eggs in yesterday’s blog post.

Then it was almost noon. The male DG was baking communion bread for tomorrow’s Eucharist at Trinity (faithfully following Beth Foote’s recipe) while the female DG realized she was walking around the house without crutches. Only yesterday, as she hobbled on crutches to an afternoon tea, she couldn’t imagine how she was going to do what Dr. Oloff had instructed: “Time to shed the crutches.” But that she did today, and after 12 hours moving about on her own (still gimpy) power, her tendon was only slightly barking.

The DGs were both “good enough to go” to limp their way to dinner – on a still hot night – at Joya in Palo Alto. Note to foodies: the male DG pronounced the red and yellow heirloom tomato gazpacho “they best I’ve ever tasated.”


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