Kindle our hearts, and awaken hope

It’s hard enough to be faithful to God in the 21st century, let alone proclaim one’s faith to the wider secular society. The latter seems to come easier to those more evangelical in mission and conservative in theology than those who find themselves in the “progressive” Judeo-Christian bucket. So it is with the Dual G’s. Most of their friends know they go to church but few are aware of their nightly devotional ritual. Since 2003 they’ve read about a saint’s life thanks to the saint-for-every-day-of-the-year and delightful story telling of Robert Ellsberg in his book, All Saints. Some of the stories have become very familiar after repeated readings; some seem brand new. When the male DG was diagnosed with glioma in 2006, they added the prayers for “In the Early Evening” (for individuals and families) from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP),  the latest version of a historical book adopted by the Episcopal Church in 1979. Last night the male DG noticed how tattered and stained page 139 had become. The solution: download the BCP to his Kindle, a lighter, take anywhere alternative. So tonight a phrase from the closing prayer took added meaning: “…be our companion on the way, kindle our hearts, and awaken hope….”


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  1. Sad that most of the denominations are now divided along that evangelical vs progressive sets of views. I would be in the progressive bucket, too, were I in a bucket at all.

    I like very much your closing phrase.

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