Hooting the night away is just fine

The hooting started last night and continued until just before dawn this morning.  It’s been a while since the Dual G’s  heard the hoot of an owl. A really long time, they agreed, particularly given the importance they’d both placed on the sound and the delight of discovery. Owls are one of their “things,” a piece of the fabric of their life together.

They’d first heard owls in their South Pasadena neighborhood, which was also home to a flock of parrots. They’d hear a pair calling out to each other in the predawn light as they took off for their morning jog. Owls have been an even  greater and more persistent presence since they moved to the Bay Area. Singles and mating pairs have lived in the mature trees in their neighborhood and just across the way on the Stanford campus. Why their sound disappeared is a mystery. That they’re back is grace.


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