Lots of wiggle room in the cast

The good news is that the female DG is walking up a storm. The Saturday “miracle” of casting aside the crutches continues uninterrupted. She’s even managed to find a few pairs of shoes that keep her legs almost even.

What’s she’s a bit perplexed about is that she seems to be outgrowing her cast by the day. Her big toe is now extending about a half an inch beyond the bottom of her day-glo green gem. It’s not really uncomfortable, just strange.

She checked in with master caster Joe a couple of days ago, worried that the cast was too loose. Actually she didn’t know if loose was the issue. She just knew her toe was extending and that she could move her foot inside the cast.

He counseled “be guided by comfort.” But she’s thinking if she has this much wiggle room, maybe it’s time for a removable boot cast and she just may make inquiries later today.

Meanwhile, on owl front, the DGs confirmed last night that it’s a a pair, not a solo owl. They were in full “hoot” last night.


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One response to “Lots of wiggle room in the cast

  1. Great progress, Linda. Does seem strange that you can move within the cast, though.

    What a hoot! The hooters are hooting up a storm. A hooting duet. Great!!

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