One stride forward, another back – 7 weeks post Achilles tendon surgery

boot cast_0910It was with much excitement that the female DG strode (yes that really is the correct word for it) into the cast room at SOAR this morning so that master cast Joe Bulcao could remove her fourth and last cast. What emerged was – as others have reported post surgery – an ever-shrinking left calf but an ankle/foot that showed little swelling (not surprising due to the morning hour).  Following an inspection by Dr. Lawrence Oloff, the path was cleared for the walking boot stage.

The ugly and somewhat bulky black boot came with caveats.  Ok to remove for shower but no weight on an unbraced ankle, so the shower chair stays in place. Expect a bit of adjustment, including increased pain and swelling, over the next couple of days.  Watch overdoing, e.g. it may feel fine to be walking for longer period but bad result – pain – could show up hours later. No physical therapy during the ‘boot adjustment’ period of the next two weeks because, in Oloff’s view, if you start boot and PT at the same time and pain ensues, you can’t determine what the cause is.

What the boot isn’t – at least initially – is quite the liberator/emancipator the female DG had hoped. Her ankle is barking, more typical of how it feels at the very end of a long day as opposed to during the day. The more rocking bottom requires her to get re-balanced. But as a number of people, aka cheerleaders, have already said to her today, probably better to look at the boot as a sign of  recovery  than yet another annoying obstacle to normality.

Meanwhile, the male DG is weighing in that she’s grumpy.


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