Trying to be patient – 8 weeks post Achilles tendon surgery

This patient has never been a patient person – just ask the male Dual G. So the very incremental progress that is incurring following surgery to repair her partially-torn Achilles tendon eight weeks ago, seems to be at snail pace. The fourth and last cast has been gone 9 days and, as previously noted, the adjustment to the [hideously ugly] black boot has been made. But otherwise not much seems to be happening other than that her left thigh continues to shrivel away. (Well, she has stopped shedding skin.)

What she wishes:

  • That she had gotten extra ‘cast liners’ – they work much better than socks and seem more comfortable.
  • That she didn’t feel like was dragging around a ton of lead by the end of every day – no matter what that day’s activities have been.

What she’s glad about:

  • That she continues to be relatively pain free, as has been the case except for the first couple of days post-surgery.
  • That she can put weight on her tendon even without the boot on (although she’s taking very minimal steps).

What she’s ready for:

  • Rehab
  • Walking boot free

The female DG’s next appoint with Oloff is Thursday, so whether she’s patient or not, it’s a waiting game.


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One response to “Trying to be patient – 8 weeks post Achilles tendon surgery

  1. Sandy

    Again, I sympathize. At week 3 post op I had already lost 2 inches from the girth of my left thigh. It wasn’t my idea to measure it, nor will I be measuring it again. Too depressing. I am pretty sure the 6 lbs in weight I had lost by week 3 was mostly muscle mass. Or perhaps from burning all those extra calories from carrying my lead leg around all day….

    Thank you for sharing and continuing to reassure me that this is all part of the “normal” healing process!

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