The “clunker” hits the gym

Clunker_0922The female DG has been reading about other people who are recovering from Achilles tendon surgery – some who have been more proactive than she has about getting back to physical activity. Part of her has had the excuse that her surgeon – Dr. Lawrence Oloff – hasn’t cleared her for physical therapy, let along physical activity. But more truthfully, she finds there’s nothing less fulfilling than the only option available to her, the stationary bike, particularly one that glares how few calories are being burned for the effort. But earlier this week, she decided it was time to get back into a exercise routine of sorts, so this morning she hauled her “clunker” (pictured and so aptly named by friend Pat) back to the Page Mill YMCA and reactivated her membership Her thought is that she’ll attempt a three times a week schedule. The surprise was that by setting the still very boring bike (even worse than elliptical) to a stronger setting she actually broke a sweat. She continued the “workout” with reps on upper body machines. She continues to lust for real walking (ok, jogging but first things first).


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