Just “had it” with the boot cast

All in all the female DG has been a very compliant patient, following her doctor’s instructions faithfully. A number of her friends commented that if they had been told to be “non-weight bearing” they would have cheated. She didn’t – not just because she  is able to follow rules (that’s not been her strength since adolescence) but because she was fearful that she’d re-damage her Achilles tendon. The thought of starting this whole thing over was just to awful to contemplate. But tonight she rebelled. After a long day at the office and quick dinner out, she got home and found herself once again unable to undress with the hideously ugly black boot (now call the “clunker”) on, so she just took it off and left it off. She did replace it with the less restrictive “night boot” so it’s not like she’s walking around “naked.” And she what she can do and not do is at the top of her list when she checks in with Oloff tomorrow morning.


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