Wow – ‘shed the boot’ is the new mandate

docs with good news_092409
So the female DG, who only yesterday had been whining about how much she’d “had it” with the “clunker” (aka walking boot), got a surprise this morning when she visited surgeon Dr. Lawrence Oloff (pictured left along with fellow Dr. Kevin Miller). She could start walking without the boot as long as she was wearing an athletic shoe or clog – an announcement that she was not prepared for, even though she’s been taking some “illegal” non-boot steps. While she does have a near new pair of athletic shoes, she didn’t own a pair closed clogs (as opposed to mules), so it was off to buy a pair tonight.  Like every milestone previously, she can’t imagine walking without the boot but is also really anxious to put it in the dumpster along with the crutches. But how will this really work, especially with a dress up event on Saturday? And why is the new doctor costume a tie atop a shirt with unbuttoned collar?


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One response to “Wow – ‘shed the boot’ is the new mandate

  1. Maybe don’t put boot and crutches in the dumpster. Keeping them will insure (ensure?) that you will never need them again. At least that’s the way it works at our house. The minute I toss something, I need it again.

    Glad you’re making such excellent progress.

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