Much ado about the “man I fell in love with”

The male Dual G has been diligently working away at cataloging his years of black and white photography (mainly 80s stuff)  in their garage. A couple of days ago, he posted a photo of himself with the intriguing head: “That’s the man I feel in love with.” It’s created quite a stir – and a bit of horror from the woman (that being the female DG) who actually did the falling in love. Here’s the quick rundown:

– Noting the increased hits on, the male DG thinks it’s because visitors are eager to find out the name of the man he fell in love with.

– Their rector thinks he looks like the Unibomber. (But where’s the hooded sweatshirt?)

– One close friend emailed that he looks like “an angelic Charles Manson.” (Yes, Charles was much more hollowed checked and wild eyed. And the young male DG was a clean cut preppie in the summer of ’69.)

What this all proves the female DG is not sure. That image is not everything? Or that image is everything?


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