Next chapter begins – “T’d” up for physical therapy

iced_092909Five days after she shed the “clunker” and almost 10 weeks since having surgery on her left Achilles tendon, the female Dual G began twice a week physical therapy at the Diablo office in Atherton. She thinks she has a winner in physical therapist “T,” who completed a thorough range of motion and strength examination of  not only on her surgically repaired left foot but on a her right foot (it needs some work too!) as well as other lower body muscle/tendon groups. (Looking over his shoulder, the male DG remarked, “She even looks a bit like Heidi” – his wonderful PT.) The good news from the female DG’s perspective was that no matter how T twisted, turned or pushed against the left foot/ankle and poked around the surgical site, she had no pain. At the end of this initial evaluation, her foot got iced along with some electrical stimulation that was supposed to make her feel like a pack of mice was running up and down her calf. (Not quite – even with the machine turned on high.) She eyed the really spiffy looking GameReady machine, which was in already in use by another client, hence the icing the old-fashioned way. Not many take home exercises after this first visit – more to come when she returns on Thursday.


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