It’s not the tendon, it’s the toes

So the female DG had another physical therapy session today with “T.”  It seems the left toes are weak (the right ones aren’t not really great), undoubtedly a repercussion of compensating for the eight weeks she was in pain while walking prior to surgery and the nine weeks in cast/boot when they weren’t being called on to do anything. Now when she uses them as part of her walking strike, they cramp.

As the male DG has discovered, it’s amazing how the body compensates when its part are mobility challenged – even when the brain isn’t consciously asking for such compensation.  The prescription for the toes (and better walking) is a series of exercises and taking each walking stride so that that the heel strikes first and the toes provide lift off. Just another of the many “who would have thunk” things that come from being injured and hacked into.


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