Just a “regular” early evening for the gimps

It did occur to the female DG [again]  tonight that maybe she and the male DG aren’t quite, as they say, “regular.” Not that she knows what regular is. That thought came to her when she found herself (still cramping toes and all) watching the exciting tie-breaking play-off game between the Twins and the Tigers (she truly loves baseball and this was a great game) at the Fleming’s bar while running some errands at the Stanford Shopping Center after dropping the male DG off at Trinity for a Men’s Group dinner. As she ate dinner, the gentleman next to her said he was a Tiger’s fan, so was not happy with the outcome. She then picked up the male DG and they went to cover famed evolutionary biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins’ appearance at Kepler’s for InMenlo. The point: how many couples can jam this kind of disparate adventure within a two hour period?


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One response to “Just a “regular” early evening for the gimps

  1. You said it!! How many indeed? I think you’re doing just great.

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