Gimps make their way to Memphis

“Long distance information, give me Memphis Tennessee” sort of summed up the Dual DGs’ long journey from San Francisco to Memphis today. Whining about cramped airline cabins and airport delays – both of which they experienced – is routine and boring, so no need to be documented. Part of their delay was due to a big storm that passed through the Tennessee city today, which was only starting to clear when they got their first view of the mighty Mississippi and downtown as their plane made its final descent. But that was just the start of what would become an evening of discovery, including meeting their driver known as the Silver Fox, getting into the kitchen of phenom chef Kelly English (and enjoying every bite of their dinner at Restaurant Iris) and meeting not so typical residents – a poet and a film animator. It’s difficult to think of ways they could have packed more into their first few hours. And just for the record, they did get up at 3:30 AM PDT, so no apologies that they’re both beat.


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