2009 – or 1969?


So the Dual Gs (gimpy and [much less] grumpy) continue to limp their way through Memphis and, speaking for the female DG, find themselves amazed. Maybe it’s just their West Coast bias (e.g. uninformed) but there seems to be something of interest in every block. Example, they’ve never seen so many vintage 60s automobiles cruising around in mint condition as they’ve see in the last 48 hours in this southern city. Not to mention how many places in America can you see ducks march from a fountain in a hotel lobby to an elevator (at the Peabody) and two minutes later be in the birthplace of blues (Beale Street) and then – at least on this Sunday night – be thinking this must be 1969 and here is Gil Scott Heron (The Revolution Will Not Be Televised) but it was 2009 and they were listening to Virghost who did some spoken word during a set by Tonya Dyson and the Green Onions at Cafe Soul on South Main. Tomorrow they move further south to the Mississippi Delta ( after maybe seeing Graceland).


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One response to “2009 – or 1969?

  1. Virghost

    I’m glad to see you enjoyed the arts of Memphis and the city of Memphis itself. It is honored to be even mentioned in the same breath as Gil Scott-Heron. Thank you for the compliment. And thank you for coming to the show.

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