Dives and southern hospitality – all in a day

doesWhen you’re staying at a room upstairs a [former] cotton gin behind the slave quarters of a plantation, what better way to start the day than at a quintessential breakfast dive complete with card sharks and bookies and end it – at least the out and about part – at one of the most famous eateries in the Mississippi Delta, Doe’s Eat Place? Shoe horned in between was the gracious Southern hospitality of Peter and Madge Young (pictured in front of Doe’s). Peter is a relative of sort – technically an ex-relative – of the female DG. Both DGs were extremely fond of Peter’s first cousin, Frances Young Getze, and Peter showed them around Scott, Mississippi, where the Young plantation land was located (part of the Delta Pine and Land Co.) and Frances and Peter’s father spent their childhood.

The DG’s  had been tipped off about Doe’s not in a guidebook (although it’s in many) but by a friend who’d described it as one of the great steakhouses in America. It began as a grocery store but has had a particularly colorful history of bootlegging and honky tonk and all that comes with those businesses. Patrons enter through two kitchens (the first is where the steak is cooked, tonight by a third generation family member).  And let’s just say that the photo on the website makes the place look a whole lot spiffier than it is today – but seedy is the new charming. And the steak is incredible – and huge.


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