Two kinds of dives in Mississippi

If Napa has its grapes and upscale establishments, the Mississippi Delta has cotton (although giving way to beans and sorghum) and its dives. There are really two kinds of dives – and the DGs have managed to sample both. Ground Zero (where the female DG is hanging out on the porch before DG’s lunch inside) may look like a dive from the outside and pretend to be a dive inside, but it’s really a restaurant and blues bar owned, in part, by actor Morgan Freeman. Ditto the Shack Up Inn – the owners have gone to great expense to make it look ratty (as the male DG describes in a post today). Most of the authentic juke joints (if any really still exist, at least along the Hwy 61 corridor, given the blues tourist trade, which is about the only thing propping up the really awful local economy – made worse by all the recent rains that have hurt the farmers) are open only on the weekend so they’ll miss that. Tonight they’re headed to Freeman and partners upscale restaurant in town, Madidi, where they’ll hear some music before sauntering back to Ground Zero to sample what’s going on there.


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