Walking around Lake Fayetteville


A whole lotta years ago the female DG met brand-new-in-town Alice MacCorkle during their freshman year at Menlo-Atherton High School. They’ve been good friends ever since. Neither could have ever predicated that they’d be meeting up for a visit (Alice down from Kansas City with friend David) in Arkansas. (The female DG admits about all she’s ever thought about Arkansas is that it was Bill Clinton’s home state and that the Bruins beat the Razorbacks to win the NCAA basketball tournament – but we digress.)

It’s been a great ending to the Dual Gs made dash from Memphis to the Mississippi Delta to Fayetteville and the Effron White encounter. This morning saw the KC pair and the DG’s taking a walk around Lake Fayetteville. The recent rains seem to have retarded the usual fall color – normally abundant in these parts by now – but the sun was out and it was good just to be out in the countryside.  The adventure ends with dinner tonight at a restaurant where “the chef” in Arkansas  showcases his skills.

Note on the Achilles tendon: it’s holding up – and the left toes aren’t cramping as much.


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