Deja vu – all over again

christineIn a day that started way too early for the DGs (6:00 am, the usual wake up time), they made their way down to their former home territory of Pasadena/South Pasadena for a big anniversary bash tomorrow night that friends the McCrarys are hosting. But tonight  it was all about meeting the female DG’s college roommate Christine, who suggested a restaurant in now thriving old town Pasadena. Punch line is that when they got there it was in the space formerly occupied by the restaurant that had played a huge part in their lives during the 80s- Cafe Jacoulet. Not surprisingly, the current interior was much changed but the basic structure remained the same. Many of their very best meals, not to mention after church brunch with jazz guitarist Phil Upchurch, happened in this space. It was so much the same but very different, just as their life is today.


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  1. Very interesting and very cool comparison.

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