From Bono to blues with a stop back in Little Rock

Bono Roadies

blues singerSometimes the female DG thinks she’s living a movie. Like on days like this when they wake up at The Langham in Pasadena  surrounded by U2 roadies and their gigantic buses (the band is playing at the Rose Bowl tonight where crowds are expected to be over 100,000). Then it was on to All Saints Pasadena – a big Episcopal church that overflows each Sunday with its message of the inclusive, compassionate Christ – where Dr. Terrence Roberts, one of the Little Rock Nine, was speaking between the 9:00 and 11:15 services. So it was all the more natural to finish the morning with a blues brunch at the Firefly Bisto – a kind of punctuation mark to the DG’s recent southern travel. If it’s possible to be invigorated and exhausted at the same time, that’s how she feels (the male DG, too). But at least they’re not grumpy.


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