Gimpiness spreads to people and blogging

As the Dual G’s gain strength and mobility each in their own way, they seem to have developed a gimpiness about blogging. What is there to say when there is nothing to say? So the male DG bowed out last night by calling a bye, while the female DG just did nothing.

Some developments: There is talk of resurrecting the Dawn Patrol over the next few weeks, with the female DG pinch hitting for Scott and Lily (the former temporarily joining the gimp brigade). And she sees her surgeon Dr. Lawrence Oloff tomorrow morning, although she’s not expecting much to report from that visit as she doesn’t have much to report. The Achilles tendon is a daily reminder but gets better in weekly increments.

Meanwhile, in addition to Scott, friend Cathy has joined the gimp brigade with a broken bone in her foot. So two gimps up , two down.


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One response to “Gimpiness spreads to people and blogging

  1. Sounds like you live in dangerous territory. 🙂 Just keep gimping along. It’ll all work out in the long run, errrr walk.

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