Being a “fast healer” has its pitfalls

OK, this will make the most sense to people who understand the female DG’s passion for the San Francisco Giants, one of whom was coming out of Dr. Lawrence Oloff’s office as she was coming in today. In fact, she almost bumped into him.

It was well publicized last July when a certain Giants shortstop (playing in Triple A Fresno) had surgery to repair a broken toe on his left foot by the team’s foot specialist, who just happened to be the female DG’s surgeon. Toes and tendons are different deals, but it seems both need time to heal.

So, while Oloff pronounced the female DG “well ahead of the curve,” he cautioned her to not “overdue,” advice he said he’d just given to a previous patient who was also a fast healer. Strength exercises are to continue but walking is to remain limited. She’s itching to walk and the male DG needs a walking partner on Tuesday and Thursday. Doesn’t walking build strength? (She is sensible enough to get an opinion from physical therapist extraordinaire, Heidi.) But then again, like the more famous patient, what she really wants is to be ready for spring training – or in her case, jogging at dawn.


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