What’s going on at 1100 Hillview Drive?

1100 Hillview Drive

As both DGs have commented on their respective blogs, Halloween was a big deal at 1100 Hillview Drive where the female DG grew up, a tradition that was carried on at John’s childhood home of 1428 Wayne Ave. in South Pasadena. One of the things that warmed the female DG’s heart was that the people who bought her parents house had carried on that tradition, increasing the front yard Halloween decor as the children grew. She’d been looking forward to taking Grace (who was a pumpkin last year) over for trick or treat this year but the home was sold over the summer. Now, not only is it vacant, but it looks like big changes are soon to come. So far, the ominous green fence hasn’t appeard – a sure sign of a tear down. It’s strange how proprietary she feels about a place she’s been inside just once in the past decade. But then again, it was the very first home she really knew. (Those of you coming here to see Grace in her Halloween costume, come back later tonight…)


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