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Thoughts four months post Achilles tendon surgery

So, while the female DG was recounting the lovely walks the DGs took during the Thanksgiving four-day holiday, the four month milestone, which came on Nov. 26, was overlooked. She continues to think she’s doing really well. She did ice after the walks but, hey, so does Tim Linsecum (ok, his arm is worth tons more than her left foot/ankle). What’s kind of weird is the subtle not quite throbbing that comes at the end of the day. It’s not at the site of the injury/surgery but a more diffuse feeling that starts at the ankle and goes up the calf a bit. This, of course, is when she needs the wisdom of Heidi (who the lucky male DG gets to see tomorrow) to understand what’s at work here. Meanwhile, the jogging itch is getting more earnest. She sees Oloff next week and is starting to think about a jubilant, if short jog, on New Year’s Day in Central Park. What a cool way back that would be.


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Fourth day in the row of eating

The female DG doesn’t think there’s a chance in the world that the three days of walking will in any waycompensate for the four days of eating, capped today with a really good brunch at the Village Pub with good friends Anne and Stuart. Thanks to Cathy Sage for taking the pre-brunch photo!

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Third day in a row of walking

So, yes the Dual Gs (gimpy and grumpy) have been going on and on a bit that life is hard. It’s not that they collaborate on their posts – it just happens. As usual, the male DG is more eloquent than the female DG, as he talked about living with glioma on yesterday. His resolve to “move on” was put into effect this morning when they went for a three-mile walk on the Baylands trails where very amateur photographer, the female DG, captured the her favorite artwork at Byxbee Park. And for the record, that’s two former dumps walked in three days.

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Trying to live each day is a bitch

The female DG debated whether or not to use this photo of the male DG, taken this morning as they retraced a part of the route on the Stanford campus that was part and parcel to their life together for so long. For almost 25 years,  there were two Dawn Joggers accompanied by some combination of canine companions. And then it stopped, rather suddenly when the male DG was diagnosed with glioma. Both the tumor and its treatment affected his mobility on the left side.

All this is known to many, but the effect is ongoing. This past week the male DG has been in a slump, feeling he’s had it with all the, as he charaterizes, “friction.” Everything is hard, nothing is easy, and just trying to get through a day is a bitch. That’s the reality, and while only his body experiences it, it affects both of their lives.

So they try to ‘march on.’ They do have interesting adventures. They still aren’t afraid of a little rain when walking. But there is a wistfulness about it all and the female DG thinks this image captures that.


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A return to a long ago Thanksgiving tradition

During the first decade of the Dual Gs married life together, which more or less coincided with the 80s, they established their own distinct Thanksgiving tradition. With son John in New Jersey to visit his father’s family, the DGs would take dogs Maisie and Stamper on a long hike in the Angeles National Forest. The weather was predictably gorgeous in late November in Southern California and given the holiday, they’d find the trails to themselves. In the evening, they’d have dinner at the Chronicle, their favorite Pasadena restaurant.

So this year, finding themselves once again alone on Thanksgiving, they declined the numerous offers of hospitality to join friends at their family celebrations and resurrected their long ago tradition. They were no longer accompanied by a canine companion and weren’t up to scrambling up and down mountain paths but they hit the trail nevertheless, enjoying a 2.5 mile route around the perimeter of Bedwell Bayfront Park that sits along San Francisco Bay. (There’s a cool USGS aerial shot of the park here.)  And tonight they’ll dine out a local restaurant at an hour past when most families will have eaten. Call it Thanksgiving for two.

Note: thanks to the salt flats, the female DG got another in her series of Wyeth-like photos that began at First Blush. And she thinks the photograph the male DG was taking at the moment is spectacular!

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Found art sets the tone for holiday season

Found art on Stanford campus

Back in her Dawn Jogging days, the female DG relished landmark mornings. Landmarks could be small, like being aware that the sun doesn’t rise until 7:00 am, as it did today. But more exciting are the kind of landmarks the you stumble upon. It’s one of the primary benefits of rising and being outdoors in sync with the sun.

This morning she took a slightly altered route on her three-mile jaunt from home, around Lake Lagunita and back, dipping down to the lakebed at the southern end where the boat house used to be (a long time ago). On her way back up to the path that circles the lake, she found herself facing the backside of the “do’s and don’ts” sign that lists various lake rules.

There she discovered a piece of found art in the form of a painting. How long it’s been part of the sign’s less public side, she’s not sure, but it seemed to have a message that took on seasonal urgency given the approach of Black Friday: “I live. I buy. I die.” Which prompts that oft-asked question: “Is that all there is?”

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Gimps get photographed – will fame follow?

So they there were gathered this morning, the three gimps – the Duals Gs and friend Scott – otherwise known as the InMenlo team. Seems they’re local angle (hyperlocal to use the new lexicon) has gotten the attention of the local media. They were interviewed by an Almanac reporter a week or so ago and today the photograph arrived during their twice weekly ad hoc InMenlo meeting (known otherwise as the time after the male DG’s and Scott’s walk). The female DG meant to get a photo of the photog doing her thing, but somehow didn’t make it happen. Blog post idea, not seizing the moment – the condition seems to be going around.

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