Today was all about Grace – who turned two

Grace at zooEven though she actually purchased a jack-0-lantern T-shirt on Halloween just to be a good grannie, the female DG is somewhat missing the “grandma gene,” at least as it applies to the under 5 set. That aside, she managed to enjoy every single minute of Grace’s second birthday celebration at the Oakland Zoo today. (The zoo, by the way, is a real gem – absolutely perfect for the 8 and under set, not to mention parents and grandparents.) She was even amused to watch the antics of some of the other toddlers.

The festivities got started with a ride on the train, followed by the merry-go-round. Grace chose a tiger and the female DG took the leopard to the left. They stopped to pet the goats with rubber brushes  to encourage “gentle petting.” They saw the prerequisite monkeys, tigers, lions and bears – oh my.  And sweet Mom Julie made Elmo cupcakes as the birthday cake.

On the walking front, both DGs thought all the ups and downs of the Oakland hills-based zoo were just perfect for waking up neurons and putting just the right amount of stress on a recovering Achilles tendon.



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2 responses to “Today was all about Grace – who turned two

  1. Beth Foote

    Linda, what a great photo of you and Grace! And I agree about the Oakland Zoo, it is a treasure.

  2. That smile on your and on Grace’s faces says it all.

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