Hey Carly, playing the cancer card sucks

Before her comments the last few days, the female DG didn’t have much of an opinion about Carly Fiorina one way or another. The closet contact she had with her was spotting her shopping at Neiman Marcus at the Stanford Shopping Center. She’d read many times that she was considered a failure as HP’s CEO, but was always a bit suspicious, given the disparity in assessment when a female screws up as opposed to a male.

But any admiration she might have had for her – given Fiorina’s accomplishment in a business world still largely absent of woman at the very top – came crumbling down over the past few days when she played the “cancer card” when announcing her candidacy for the US Senate. It wasn’t only with the wigless head (a choice, if she’d made it from the beginning – why all of a sudden after wearing a wig?) but more so with her characterization about cancer treatment in relationship to the potential race against incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer, most notably: “I must tell you that after chemotherapy, Barbara Boxer isn’t very scary anymore.” Yes, it may tug on the heart strings of women fearful about breast cancer and cheer those who find Boxer’s style too brassy. But trying to use one’s illness to gain political office is just misguided and crude.

But hey, when you’re less gimpy and less grumpy, it’s always good to get something to be cranky about.


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  1. Sara

    I agree! Good post, Linda.

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