Day at UCSF with a pinch of France for good measure


It struck the female DG immediately when she looked at the photos she snapped with Lumio (her trusty Lumix camera): How many times had she captured the male DG in his red jacket (it’s always cold at UCSF – or almost always) and blue UCSF cap looking at the just taken MRI of his brain. Today the news – delivered by longtime UCSF neuro-surgeon Dr. Michael Prados, who they had not met before – was good. The tumor area continued to diminish. As  Dr. Susan Chang has expressed before: “We’ve stunned it.”

That was really the second good news of the day. The female DG had an appointment with physical therapist extraordinaire Heidi Engel, who pronounced her surgically-repaired Achilles tendon good enough to start walking (but, of course, not overdoing.)

Because the male DG’s appointment for an Avastin infusion at UCSF Mt. Zion was hours away, they went down the hill in an easterly direction and found themselves in France. Well, it really was Cole Valley but eating lunch at Zazie was a darn close approximation as was their trip to Say Cheese, where in addition to picking up an assortment of goat cheeses for their at home picnic dinner tonight, they stumbled upon a hard-to-find 2005 Burgundy, a Gevrey-Chambertin (just a “villages” but a treat nevertheless).


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