Wow – the lake (or non lake) is still there

Lake Lagunita on the Stanford campus has been a fixture in the female DG’s life seemingly forever. It was a place for bike rides and adventures when she was growing up in Menlo Park. In the past 20 years, it’s been the center piece of her Tues/Thurs weekly jogging route – until gimpiness interrupted the routine. But at dawn this morning, she returned to the lake, taking the same route across the second hole of the golf course, entering the lake area next to the driving range and then circling around. Not unusual for this time a year, a tule fog sat on the dry lake bed. A new culvert had been installed in one of the mini ravines that fill with water after a big rain. And as often has happened over the years, a bit of whimsy was spotted only the route  – this morning in the form of a pink and bronze bike. Oh, the tendon – not a bark heard from it.


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Filed under Achilles tendon surgery, Dawn Patrol, Living each day

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