GAIA: where your small dollars make huge difference

Living each day means going on outings together, where the DGs put one gimpy foot in front of each other and make their way. Tonight it was to hear a person they’ve mutually admired just short of a few months of their entire married life, the Rev. Bill Rankin, who, among many other accomplishments, is founder (along with Dr. Charles Wilson,  Professor Emeritus UCSF and noted neuro-surgeon, yet another connection) of the Global Aids Interfaith Alliance. If anyone is looking to donate a few dollars that make a huge difference this holiday season, the female DG suggests he or she check out the options that in support GAIA’s work to improve the lives of women and orphaned children in Malawi, as example:

  • $25 provides one goat to a family
  • $30 purchases a school uniform and shoes for an AIDS orphan
  • $50 supplies an AIDS orphan with food for a full year
  • $60 supports the purchase of one pig helping villagers begin a piggery
  • $70 grants a woman entrepreneur a first-time business loan
  • $120 provides books and supplies for a Nursing Scholar
  • $125 covers a full year’s high-school tuition and supplies for an orphan

Yep, small check, huge difference thanks to GAIA.



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