Found art sets the tone for holiday season

Found art on Stanford campus

Back in her Dawn Jogging days, the female DG relished landmark mornings. Landmarks could be small, like being aware that the sun doesn’t rise until 7:00 am, as it did today. But more exciting are the kind of landmarks the you stumble upon. It’s one of the primary benefits of rising and being outdoors in sync with the sun.

This morning she took a slightly altered route on her three-mile jaunt from home, around Lake Lagunita and back, dipping down to the lakebed at the southern end where the boat house used to be (a long time ago). On her way back up to the path that circles the lake, she found herself facing the backside of the “do’s and don’ts” sign that lists various lake rules.

There she discovered a piece of found art in the form of a painting. How long it’s been part of the sign’s less public side, she’s not sure, but it seemed to have a message that took on seasonal urgency given the approach of Black Friday: “I live. I buy. I die.” Which prompts that oft-asked question: “Is that all there is?”


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