A return to a long ago Thanksgiving tradition

During the first decade of the Dual Gs married life together, which more or less coincided with the 80s, they established their own distinct Thanksgiving tradition. With son John in New Jersey to visit his father’s family, the DGs would take dogs Maisie and Stamper on a long hike in the Angeles National Forest. The weather was predictably gorgeous in late November in Southern California and given the holiday, they’d find the trails to themselves. In the evening, they’d have dinner at the Chronicle, their favorite Pasadena restaurant.

So this year, finding themselves once again alone on Thanksgiving, they declined the numerous offers of hospitality to join friends at their family celebrations and resurrected their long ago tradition. They were no longer accompanied by a canine companion and weren’t up to scrambling up and down mountain paths but they hit the trail nevertheless, enjoying a 2.5 mile route around the perimeter of Bedwell Bayfront Park that sits along San Francisco Bay. (There’s a cool USGS aerial shot of the park here.)  And tonight they’ll dine out a local restaurant at an hour past when most families will have eaten. Call it Thanksgiving for two.

Note: thanks to the salt flats, the female DG got another in her series of Wyeth-like photos that began at First Blush. And she thinks the photograph the male DG was taking at the moment is spectacular!


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