Trying to live each day is a bitch

The female DG debated whether or not to use this photo of the male DG, taken this morning as they retraced a part of the route on the Stanford campus that was part and parcel to their life together for so long. For almost 25 years,  there were two Dawn Joggers accompanied by some combination of canine companions. And then it stopped, rather suddenly when the male DG was diagnosed with glioma. Both the tumor and its treatment affected his mobility on the left side.

All this is known to many, but the effect is ongoing. This past week the male DG has been in a slump, feeling he’s had it with all the, as he charaterizes, “friction.” Everything is hard, nothing is easy, and just trying to get through a day is a bitch. That’s the reality, and while only his body experiences it, it affects both of their lives.

So they try to ‘march on.’ They do have interesting adventures. They still aren’t afraid of a little rain when walking. But there is a wistfulness about it all and the female DG thinks this image captures that.



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