Third day in a row of walking

So, yes the Dual Gs (gimpy and grumpy) have been going on and on a bit that life is hard. It’s not that they collaborate on their posts – it just happens. As usual, the male DG is more eloquent than the female DG, as he talked about living with glioma on yesterday. His resolve to “move on” was put into effect this morning when they went for a three-mile walk on the Baylands trails where very amateur photographer, the female DG, captured the her favorite artwork at Byxbee Park. And for the record, that’s two former dumps walked in three days.


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One response to “Third day in a row of walking

  1. MaryK

    Stumbled across your blog recently as I have lots of time on my hands for “googling” achilles tendon rupture (you can guess why!) I am almost 2 weeks post-op (right leg). I know that God is holding you and your husband in the light, and that many are praying for you both.

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