Thoughts four months post Achilles tendon surgery

So, while the female DG was recounting the lovely walks the DGs took during the Thanksgiving four-day holiday, the four month milestone, which came on Nov. 26, was overlooked. She continues to think she’s doing really well. She did ice after the walks but, hey, so does Tim Linsecum (ok, his arm is worth tons more than her left foot/ankle). What’s kind of weird is the subtle not quite throbbing that comes at the end of the day. It’s not at the site of the injury/surgery but a more diffuse feeling that starts at the ankle and goes up the calf a bit. This, of course, is when she needs the wisdom of Heidi (who the lucky male DG gets to see tomorrow) to understand what’s at work here. Meanwhile, the jogging itch is getting more earnest. She sees Oloff next week and is starting to think about a jubilant, if short jog, on New Year’s Day in Central Park. What a cool way back that would be.


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